Family Life: The Five Family Values

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

At Faith Promise Church we recently completed a five week family series. It was an awesome series that focused on the Five Family Values adopted by the Family Ministry Team. Below is a recap of the five values.

Make It Personal

  • Put yourself first when it comes to personal growth.
  • What we model is more compelling than what we say.
  • Where are your faith, marriage and family on a ranking of your highest values?

Fight For The Heart

  • Create a culture of unconditional love in your home.
  • Relationships are built around heart connections.
  • Legacy is transferred relationally.

Widen The Circle

  • Inviting others to intentionally partner with you to have other voices helping to shape and determine the direction of our marriages and parenting.
  • Parents should pursue strategic relationships for their kids.
  • Become a valuable contributor to someone else’s circle of influence.

Create A Rhythm

  • Much of our everyday life seems to function in a fairly steady rhythm.
  • Families want to tap into the power of quality moments together.
  • Build a sense of purpose through everyday experiences.

Imagine The End

  • Focus your energy and effort on the issues that will have a lasting impact.
  • As parents, in the end, the most important thing is our child’s relationship with God.
  • We must be intentional each day about what is most important.

How are you and your family living the five family values?