Family Life: The Battle With Busyness

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Most families are extremely busy. This is certainly true for the Carringer family. While many of the activities that contribute to this busyness are “good,” it is still important that each family regularly check their weekly schedule. All families have crazy weeks, even short seasons that are usually busy. I am more concerned with a rhythm of life that overwhelms and short changes our most important relationships.

As our children moved into their teenage years we have had to work harder at protecting family time. Because the “default” is four individuals going in different directions we have to be intentional about battling busyness and fighting for time together. Consider the following:

  • Are you and/or your children usually together or apart in the evening after school and work?
    • If you answered apart to the above question, I encourage you to consider what steps you can take to spend more time together.


  • When your family is together even at home, are you still going “100mph” with your focus in different areas?
    • If you answered yes to the above question, I encourage you to get intentional about improving that situation. Consider meal time. Can you have dinner together regularly the majority of the time? Time together gets more difficult with teenagers; however, they need time with their parents. Don’t give up, keep thinking of creative ways your family can spend time together.


  • Are your kids in too many activities? This is a tough one because as parents we enjoy seeing our kids involved in activities they enjoy. However, I really think there has to be a limit. If not, it’s possible your kids (especially teenagers) would very rarely be at home. Once your family makes the tough decision on what is the right fit regarding the number of activities, be intentional about being involved in/around the activity as much as possible. Turn a possible separator into a uniter. If your child is enjoying the activity they are often willing to discuss the activity which allows you to have meaningful conversations.

This post could have been a short book. The battle with busyness for families is real. Let’s not surrender. Instead let’s be extremely intentional about our family’s schedule and focus.

Is your family too busy?