Family Life: Stop The Drifting

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Relationships have ebbs and flows. There are periods and seasons of extreme closeness and times where there seems to be a gap or distance. Our marriages are often no different. Life’s challenges can lead to tough periods or short seasons when we are not as connected or close to our spouse as we would like. A greater concern is a marriage where husband and wife seem to gradually drift apart. The gap or amount of drifting increases with each passing year. There has been no “incident” or traumatic event rather months and years of slightly “being off course” with one another until the distance apart is significant. Perhaps this scenario descries your marriage or the marriage of someone you know. If so, get some help or strongly encourage your friend to get some help. Make an appointment with a Christian marriage counselor or consider marriage mentoring. Smart people go to the doctor when they are physically ill. If your marriage is not as healthy as it could be or you want it to be, get some help. Be proactive, don’t wait. In all likelihood, waiting will just increase the distance drifted apart. Get some help.

Are you and your spouse drifting apart?