Family Life: Serve Together

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

As parents, we know our children learn more from what we do (model) than what we say. Let’s take the next step and allow our children to learn through the experience of serving with us. Even young children can serve with us in most cases. What an incredible way to communicate, through action and conversation during and after, the value of serving. Each week at Faith Promise Church, I watch parents and their children as they serve together. In time, when our children discover an area of passion for serving they will likely be ready to go solo. The habit and accompanying joy of serving will have taken root.

There are many serving opportunities at Faith Promise for entire families or for a parent & child. One such opportunity at Faith Promise is Serving Saturday on October 16th. Let’s model for our children that we value taking the focus off of ourselves as we serve others.

Parents, are your children serving?