Family Life: Parenting With Unconditional Love

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

My wife Emily and I have two children. This qualifies me to be a part of a special group called parents. Because I am a member of this auspicious group, I can say without reservation – parenting can be really tough. There are times as a parent that I am not 100% certain how to best lead, help, and guide my children through a particular situation/struggle. In these and all other times I want to lead with love. In other words, no situation changes this truth: I love my children unconditionally.

Certainly there will be times when their actions, inaction, behavior, attitude, etc. will disappoint, frustrate, or anger me. I will deal with those situations, but it doesn’t change the greater truth: I love my children unconditionally. Parents, we love our children unconditionally because of whose they are. They are a blessing from God. As we journey through the different seasons of parenting, let’s lead with unconditional love.

Regardless of the circumstances, do your children know you love them unconditionally?