Family Life: Packing Your Kids For A Trip

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

I don’t particularly enjoy packing my suitcase when I travel. I typically wait until the night before I leave and usually end up needing some help from my wife Emily. Packing is important so that you will have what you need when you arrive at your destination.

                As parents we are helping our children pack for their life’s journey. Sooner than I want, my children will leave the structure of our home. An environment created and primarily maintained by Emily and I. They will do what is natural and necessary. They will live away from home. When this time rolls around virtually all the packing of the kids bags is complete. There is so much I want to help my kids put in their bags. A good education, strong work ethic, leadership skills, the ability to connect with people, healthy self esteem and confidence, value and appreciation for others, financial management, a heart for growth and on and on. These and other items are important. However, there is one essential that must be packed. I want my children to know, love and serve the Lord. Our Family Ministry team frequently discusses one of our values, “Imagine The End.” This simply means that of all that has some degree of importance one thing is the most important – our relationship with Jesus.

                Parents, as we help our kids pack, let’s make sure our children’s spiritual formation gets top priority.

                How is your packing going?