Family Life: Marriage Mentoring

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Do you have a mentor? A mentor is defined as a trusted counselor or guide. Mentoring is common and intentional in the workplace. Organizations discovered that one of the best ways to help new team members was to partner them with someone who was experienced and effective in the same or similar role. Let’s apply that strategy to our marriages.

Marriage mentoring has incredible potential. Last week at the Marriage & Parenting Summit we introduced our marriage mentoring ministry. Twenty couples have indicated an interest in completing the training program to begin mentoring. Initially we will focus on mentoring newly married couples then expand to any couple who desires to be mentored. Potential marriage mentors should have:

  1. A desire to develop an encouraging and supportive mentoring relationship with another couple as they navigate the transitions from single to married life
  2. Been married to the same person for at least 7 years
  3. Strong communication and conflict resolution skills
  4. The commitment to meet with “mentee” couples between 6-10 times  in a 12 month period in an informal setting; and be available for other informal conversations as needs arise
  5. Availability to complete a questionnaire, the “ENRICH” couples test online, a brief interview, and the training sessions.

If you are looking for a primary or secondary ministry you should consider marriage mentoring. The Family Ministry team is committed to partnering with couples and families. Join us.

Are you ready to become a marriage mentor?