Family Life: Making and Managing Commitments

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

This past weekend over 250 people participated in the 1st annual Faith Promise Marriage & Parenting Summit. The summit was designed to offer encouragement and practical insight in key areas of family life. It was an incredible experience as couples and parents declared by word and action that they wanted to have God honoring marriages and homes.

Making a commitment to be the husband or wife, dad or mom God has called us to be is a huge step. Often this decision reflects a move of the heart. As Christ followers, we want to honor our Savior. We desire to experience God’s plan, purpose and best for our marriages and family. The decision to make this commitment is something each of us must decide for ourselves.

Once we make a commitment (really in an area) to be a Godly spouse or parent we must manage that commitment. The commitment was made because of our desire to honor God and experience His best; unfortunately, we often lose traction because we don’t know how to manage the commitment. The Family Ministry team wants to partner with spouses and parents to help them realize their commitment to have God honoring marriages and to take the lead in the spiritual formation of their children. Parents, make it a priority to have your children in the age appropriate experience for children (weekend) and students (Wednesday). Take advantage of the web based Parent Connection for all experiences (regular services and retreats) to get insight on the experience and suggested conversation starters. These conversation starters facilitate a dialogue with your child/student about key spiritual/life topics. Read the Faith Promise blog for a post from a Family Ministry team member five days a week. Partner with us when your child/student experiences a key milestone such as:

  • Child dedication
  • Transition from pre-K to Kindergarten
  • Salvation/baptism
  • Transitioning from 5th-6th grade
  • Personalizing your faith
  • Commitment to purity
  • Transiting from 8th-9th grade
  • Senior year of High School


Marriage specific equipping and partnering including:

  • For newlyweds – marriage mentoring. If you have been married for 7 years or longer and would like to be a mentor, contact the Family Ministry office.

*We anticipate expanding our marriage mentoring ministry by 2012 to be available for couples at all life stages.

  • Regularly attend a small group. Consider also attending the men’s and women’s ministry groups. For group information contact [email protected].
  • Read the Faith Promise Family Ministry blog for marriage thoughts.
  • Attend the 2012 Marriage & Parenting Summit
  • Take advantage of Marriage Interest small groups. Normally these will be 6-8 weeks duration. Contact [email protected] for more information.
  • Marriage counseling. Contact the Faith Promise office to schedule an appointment.


The Family Ministry team is committed to helping people manage their commitments to be Godly spouses’ and parents.

What is your next step?