Family Life: Let’s Play Dominoes

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Our family likes to play dominoes. During the recent snow days we have played quite a bit. I have loved it, not because I am crazy about dominoes but because the four of us were around the table participating in the same activity. As our children have gotten older, they have developed their own interests which they most often pursue independently. What was magnified during these days where we were all home was, just because our family is in the same house, doesn’t mean we are necessarily together. For our family, being together has gotten tougher as our kids hit the teenage years combined with their natural desire for independence with hobbies and activities. We have become even more intentional about planning family activities and experiences that interest both kids.

                Parents, as your children get older don’t surrender time spent together. It may be more difficult but you can still make it happen. Perhaps your family should try dominoes.

                What family activities does your entire family enjoy?