Family Life: Labor Day


I hope your family is getting to enjoy some extra time together this Labor Day weekend. Our families, marriages and kids are impacted by the concept of labor or work. Below are a few thoughts:

  1. Parents, our kids will benefit greatly from a healthy work ethic. I believe all family members should contribute by having age appropriate chores. Sharing the load fosters responsibility and ownership. Let’s train our kids to understand the need/value of work.
  2. We can never let our labor/work/career be a higher value than our family. That statement seems so obvious. In fact, it is extremely rare to meet someone who freely acknowledges this reality in their life. However, many spouses and children communicate they feel that a loved one’s work is a greater priority than they are. Most of us spend eight or more hours a day in work. Consequently, we have to be intentional to protect our most important relationships. This is a tough one for me personally. I enjoy my work. Throughout my professional life, in a variety of roles, I have had to be highly intentional with accountability from Emily and close friends to not allow work/career to overtake my family. For me, the bottom line is that even if I reach every professional goal, if I am not the husband and Dad God desires me to be (and my family needs) it is meaningless.
  3. Take advantage of this long weekend to create a family memory. The memory doesn’t have to be expensive if money is tight; but it has to be intentional. Grill hamburgers or go to the lake. Do something to celebrate your spouse and family.

Labor is a part of life. It’s the primary means God uses for us to provide for our family. Like other areas, let’s be God centered and purposeful.

What other thoughts do you have about labor?