Family Life: It’s Christmas Time

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Christmas is a wonderful time of year as we will celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is also an incredible time to establish traditions and create family memories. If you have school-age children they will soon begin their longest break of the school year. Let’s take advantage of the potential for increased family time without the demands of school. Parents, is it possible, with a little creativity, to make each day of the two weeks surrounding Christmas a little bit special? I am not talking about memories created through lavish trips, but rather memories from simple family experiences. You know what fits your family  – a jigsaw puzzle, creating a shoebox nativity scene, singing Christmas carols, watching a movie, baking cookies, wrapping presents together, playing in the snow, reading & discussing the Christmas story, or playing board games together. The sky is the limit on possible family activities.

Parents, let’s help our children keep the focus on Jesus and have fun while creating family memories.

What simple activities do you have planned for your family this Christmas?