Family Life: Faith or Fear?


This past weekend, our Executive Pastor, Josh Whitehead, communicated a great message about how our fear is the greatest enemy of our faith. Is your family walking in faith or living in fear?  Most likely all of us have circumstances and situations in our lives that cause us to at times be fearful and unsure. Below are some thoughts about the impact of fear and faith on our families.

What Fear does to a Family:

  • Blinds us to where God is at work because our focus is on our circumstances
  • Strains and severs relationships
  • Models for our children a lack of faith in God’s ability to provide
  • Robs us of our joy and purpose

What Faith does do to a Family:

  • Opens our eyes to see where God is moving
  • Binds and strengthens relationships as we journey through difficultly knowing that God is more capable than meeting our needs
  • Models trust in God and who He is
  • Allows us to rise above our circumstances and recognize God’s grace & power

As in all areas of our life, our kids learn more from what they observe in us than what we say. Is your family marked by a life of faith or fear?