Family Life: Enjoy The Summer

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

I don’t know who is more excited about the upcoming summer, my wife Emily and I or our children Zach (10th grader) and Maggie (7th grader). If you have school age children you likely understand this sentiment. When your kids have school responsibilities such as homework and preparing for tests, it impacts the entire family. During the school year our kid’s bedtimes are fairly strict. There is usually not a lot of extra family time during the week. Fortunately, that changes during the summer months.

Summer provides an awesome break from the routine and requirements of the school year. Let’s take advantage of the summer season for our marriages and families. Emily and I are being intentional in planning some extra time together for ourselves and our family. What if every week had some sort of intentional marriage or family focus?  This family focus doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Sometimes simple activities like drive- in movies, picnics, lake trips, homemade ice cream and cookouts make for great family memories. This summer has the potential to be an awesome season for your family. Start praying and planning for God to restore, refresh and revive your marriage and family this summer. Let’s make the most of the warm weather, more daylight and increased family time.

How can your family benefit from the upcoming summer?