Family Life: Encourage The People You Love The Most

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

My wife Emily and I each take one of our children to school in the mornings. I take our son Zach and Emily takes our daughter Maggie. One recent morning as Zach and I gathered our stuff to head out the door I noticed Maggie’s hair looked a bit different. She had a new headband that had a small flower on it. I noticed it but didn’t say anything. I certainly didn’t say anything designed to intentionally encourage Maggie. After I dropped Zach off I happened to think about how beautiful Maggie looked. She and Emily were still on their way to school so I was able to give her a quick call. I told her how beautiful she looked, that her hair was especially pretty that day, to have a great day and that I loved her. Later that day, Emily shared with me Maggie’s reaction to my call. She said she smiled so big that it probably hurt and that she beamed with happiness that her Dad noticed her hair. Maggie tackled the day head on, ready for all that middle school brings, because I offered her a sincere word of encouragement.

                I was so close to missing the golden opportunity to encourage my daughter. What about you? Is it your habit to intentionally encourage your family? If not, start today. Encouragement is fuel. We should be our family’s biggest encouragers. It’s not hard and doesn’t have to be elaborate. Really, it can be as simple as noticing a flower in a little girl’s hair.

                Do you regularly, intentionally encourage your family?