Family Life: Drifting

Have you noticed when you are driving and look away from the road at something else your car will often begin to drift off course? In fact, the car usually drifts in the direction you are looking. In other words in the direction of your attention.

There is application for our families when you consider this car drifting off course. When we get in the car to drive somewhere it’s not with the intention of going off course. Our intention is to be focused on safely getting from point A to B. However, much like our family life – marriage and parenting – it is easy to drift off course. What’s the takeaway? The drifting occurred when our attention and focus was diverted. We live in a culture of busyness. Most families are extremely busy. It’s so easy to lose our focus and begin to drift off course. Another fact of drifting is that the longer you drift the further you are off course. Is your family on course or are you drifting? For our family being on course includes:

  • God being in the center of our home and each of us living out our faith.
  • Emily and I treating our marriage as our most important earthly relationship.
  • Our family relationship being a priority. Intentional time together is scheduled.
  • Both of our kids are growing. Growing into the people God created them to be.

From time to time we recognize we have drifted off course. When this occurs, we refocus our attention and get back on course.


Is your family on course?