Family Life: Create Memories Over Spring Break

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

If you have school age children you are likely soon to experience that annual event known as Spring Break. Our kids, Zach and Maggie, have been looking forward to spring break since they returned to school from the Christmas Break. Spring Break fits nicely in one of our Family Ministry values: Create a Rhythm. Typically, this value focuses our thinking on the rhythms of our daily life. Areas such as getting up, meal times, travel times and bed times make up these daily rhythms. We can expand this value beyond the rhythms of a day to incorporate the rhythms of a family year. Families can capitalize on these yearly rhythms to create some special memories. Spring break provides such an opportunity. Your family may have a wonderful trip or vacation planned for the break such as Disney World, a cruise or going on some day trips. What a great time to create memories of family fun. For others (including the Carringer’s) we may have to be a bit more intentional than usual to create some great family memories. Below are a few budget conscious thoughts for you to consider for spring break.

  • Prepare your kids favorite meal
  • Go on a picnic
  • Work on a puzzle together throughout the week
  • Have game night
  • Go to the park
  • Read a book together
  • See a movie together
  • Serve others in some capacity together
  • Take your kids (depending on their age and work restrictions) to work with you one day. Let them see what you do
  • Enjoy lunch and/or dinner together
  • Go on a Pajama Run
  • Ice Cream is always good!

The specific activity is not as important as the intentionality to create family memories. Take advantage of the rhythms in a year like Spring Break.

What is your family doing to create memories this spring break?