Family Life: Courageous Love


Last week at the Faith Promise Church student camp Michael Wallace, High School Pastor, reminded each us of that love is a great source of courage. As parents, we can easily identify with accounts of parents putting themselves in harms way to protect their children. In fact, most parents would do this instantly and can’t imagine that a parent wouldn’t protect their children from an intruder or an oncoming vehicle if a small child were in the street.

In my experience as a parent, courage is needed more often in the day to day situations. Are we willing to have the important but perhaps difficult conversations with our teenagers about changes we have observed in attitude or behavior? What about telling our child they cannot attend an event that many of their friends are attending because you are uncomfortable with the lack of adult supervision? What about the courage to engage your child/student in spiritual conversations when you feel inadequate?

Love is indeed a great source of courage. Let’s love our families so much we act courageously in both the ordinary and extraordinary situations.

Are you leading your family with courage?