Family Life: Connect With The People Who Influence Your Children

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

As our children grow older, more and more people will have influence with them. It is vitally important that parents initiate a connection with these people of influence. Some examples of people who will influence our children are: teachers, student pastors, coaches, small group/Sunday school leaders, child care providers, neighbors, etc. I recommend that you initiate an interaction with anyone who will consistently spend time with your child. I always want to introduce myself and thank them for the investment they are making in my child. This brief conversation communicates my appreciation for their effort and my awareness of the significance of their role.

Our children have benefited greatly from the investment of other adults in their life. Our 16 year old son Zach has been blessed to have several young men who share his passion for music invest greatly in his life. Without question, their impact on Zach has been significant. I regularly thank them for their positive impact on him. I also regularly remind them that they have significant influence and I am counting on them.

Parents lets be intentional in developing a connection with those who influence our kids.

Who do you need to connect with that has influence with your children?

*In an upcoming blog post I will share some thoughts on our children’s peer influences.