Family Life: Advice From Parents of High School Seniors

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

It’s graduation season. That time of year where high school and college seniors participate in graduation ceremonies. We at Faith Promise Church also recognize and celebrate our high school seniors. This past Wednesday we had a legacy night where we reflected on what God has done in the lives of our seniors during their high school years, how they have been used in our student ministry and beyond. One component of this night of “passing the torch” was that I had an opportunity to visit with the parents of our high school seniors. I asked them what advice they would give the parents of next years seniors or even parents of younger children. They offered several great thoughts. Below are a few of nuggets of insight.

  1. Quantity time matters. We often hear that quality time is enough. These parents pointed out that our kids want us to be involved and present as much as possible. This was a great reminder to me to consider the quantity and quality of time I am spending with my children and wife.


  1. Prepare your children for some of the practical areas of life including making their own doctor and dentist appointments to changing the oil in their car. Also, make sure to include training on financial management, the truth about credit cards and living on a budget.


  1. Our children really do grow up fast. Likely all parents of young children have had parents of older kids say something like “enjoy every minute, they will grow up before you know it.” This group of parents of high school seniors would agree completely with this statement. The years fly by. It is so important that we are intentional when it comes to parenting and marriage.

I greatly appreciated the insight of these senior’s parents. Are there people in your life that you could help by sharing lessons you have learned from parenting or marriage?

What would you add to the three points above?