Family Life: A Willing Sacrifice

Recently I was talking with a family (Dad, Mom and high school daughter) that attend Faith Promise Church. During our conversation they shared that they drove 90 minutes one way to attend Faith Promise. That’s quite a commitment. I wonder how many churches they drive past on their 90 minute commute? After they shared the reasons they were willing to make such a long drive I commented to their daughter that I would love for her to be able to attend the Student service on Wednesday one week. I went on to say that I realize that probably wasn’t practical given the distance they lived from the church. At this point her Dad spoke up and said “oh, she attends every week”. After a moment to process what he said I asked “you drive your daughter three hours round trip on Wednesday nights so she can attend our student services?” He said, “Yes, we do”. It turns out this Mom & Dad gladly make this three hour drive. They explained it was a small sacrifice for them to drive the long distance because their daughter was growing in her faith and experiencing community with other students and leaders.

In short they held a greater value in their daughter’s spiritual health than the inconvenience of a long drive.

Do we willingly sacrifice for what matters most to us?