Family Life: A Tribute to George and Bobbi

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Recently my wife Emily and I had dinner with our friends Mike and Lisa Casalena. Mike and Lisa serve as marriage mentors at Faith Promise Church. During dinner Mike and Lisa shared with us their “story” and the impact of George and Bobbi, a couple who mentored them in how to have an awesome, God-honoring marriage. As I listened to the profound impact that George and Bobbi had on the Casalena’s I had these “takeaways”:

  • Marriage mentoring is relationship driven. George and Bobbi invested themselves in the lives and marriage of Mike and Lisa. This vital relationship component is the reason that in the marriage mentoring program at FPC we provide a “guilt free” opportunity for either the mentors or mentees to see if there is a real connection before committing to the mentoring relationship. Marriage mentoring is less about completing a curriculum (although we use some resources) and more about walking through life with another couple focusing on following God’s design for marriage.
  • George and Bobbi believed in God’s best for Mike and Lisa. They spoke in faith of the type of marriage the Casalena’s could have. Lisa shared how Bobbi very intentionally told her Mike could be the same type of husband as George; God honoring and servant minded. Bobbi had spoken in faith to Lisa that God was still able to perform miracles as they discussed Mike’s need to accept Christ as his Savior. Bobbi was singing to the choir at church with Lisa the night Mike gave his life to the Lord. George and Bobbi had faith in God and what was possible for Mike and Lisa’s marriage.
  • Finally, as I listened to Mike and Lisa share about their marriage mentors, George and Bobbi, I realized that Mike and Lisa were a living tribute to them. As now, Mike and Lisa are investing in another couples marriage. They are sharing the lessons they have learned and believing in God’s best for their mentees marriage.

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Perhaps the impact that mentors such as George and Bobbi and Mike and Lisa can have on another couples marriage resonates with your heart. Your marriage is strong and you want to serve others as marriage mentors. For more information about this life changing ministry contact Jennifer Rose at [email protected] for training dates.