Family Life: A Sense of Security

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

Last Wednesday night East Tennessee experienced several hours of strong storms. Our Family watched the weather reports of possible tornados and severe conditions throughout the evening. When it was time for Maggie, our 13 year old daughter to go to bed I could tell she was a little bit frightened. In fact, after I tucked her in bed and prayed with her she asked if I could snuggle with her for a few minutes. (Dad’s, take every opportunity to love on your little girls, to give the appropriate love and affection they need) Maggie needed a little bit of extra security.

Our kids all need security and a sense of peace. Parents, we play a huge role in the amount of security our kids feel. The more stable, consistent and unconditional love in our homes the more likely our children will feel secure. Our kids need for security is a great opportunity for us to point to Jesus Christ the ultimate source of peace and security. Let’s share with our kids that even in life’s storms they can experience strength and peace.

Psalm 29:11 says “The Lord gives his people strength. The Lord blesses them with peace.”

 Do your kids have a sense of security?