Family Life: A Partnership Between

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

The Family Ministry of Faith Promise Church is committed to creating partnerships that equip families to lead the next generation in following Christ. There is potential for a powerful partnership when you combine the family and the church. God designed both the family and the church. As parents, we are instructed by God (Deuteronomy 6) to train and teach our children about the Lord. We must be diligent and intentional in our efforts. We are instructed to take the lead in the spiritual formation of our children. However, we don’t have to nor should we take this journey alone.

Reggie Joiner, in his excellent book Think Orange, describes the church and family partnership as combining the colors red and yellow. The heart of the family is represented by red and the light of the church as yellow. When the two combine, not only do you have orange but you have a powerful and effective partnership. Our Family Ministry team serves diligently to provide an incredible experience each weekend for children and on Wednesday for middle & high school students.

Our partnerships strengthen as we want to connect parents to the experiences of their children. Consequently, for each experience we have designed a Parent Connection link on the Faith Promise website that enables parents to be aware of the focus and experience of their children and students. In addition, there are always a few conversation prompts designed to allow the parent to generate a spiritually based conversation connected to their child’s experience. The Parent Connection resource is one way that we can partner with and equip parents to better enable them to take the lead in the spiritual formation of their children.

Parents, have you found the Parent Connection resource beneficial?