Fall Alignment Series Begins This Weekend

Hello Faith Promise Family,

With summer vacations now behind us, we are set to launch out into an exciting fall season here at FPC. On September 8-9, we will begin a sermon series based on the book written by Craig Groeschel called, The Christian Atheist. Although the words “Christian” and “Atheist” appear to be contradictory, often what we say we believe is totally different from our actions. Why do so many tell others they believe in God but act as if He doesn’t exist?  You won’t want to miss a single week as we look at how we live and what it reflects about the Christian faith we profess.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the term “alignment,” this will be a four-week period when the weekend sermons and discussions in community groups are centered on a central theme.  If you are not already connected with a group, now is the perfect time for you to join!  For more information, check out our Groups page by clicking here.

Please remember that if you are unable to attend worship at one of our four physical campuses, you can always keep up by watching online.  Internet Campus service times are Sundays at 9, 10:20 and 11:45 am, and 9 pm.

Also during this series we will be having a special salvation message and baptism emphasis at all services on September 15-16. Please plan to invite and bring your lost family, friends, and co-workers on this important weekend, and join with me now in praying for hundreds of lives to be changed forever. I am looking for a huge move of God, and He wants to use all of us to help accomplish His Plan.  I can’t wait!

Praying for you and yours!


Pastor Chris