Serve Day 2021


July 10, 2021

Helping others is something we all wish we could do more. But with SO many problems, how can we make a real difference in our communities with so little time and resources?

What if it’s actually easier than we anticipate it will be?

Jesus said it best, “Those who want to be great, serve. That’s why I came here. To serve, not be served.” – Matthew 20 (paraphrase)

We can do something GREAT with our little bit, because we all can serve. So, go ALL IN with us and commit to serve this July – by yourself, as a family, or as a group!

If you need help figuring out how best to serve, check the list below for ideas, or email And don't forget to send in your stories of friends and family doing great things to!

Serving ideas:

Acts of Service:

Take donuts to High School seniors, or take their cap and gown photos • Windshield cleaning • Mow or mulch a neighbor’s lawn •Community clean up (neighborhoods, parks, streets, etc.) • Plant flowers – neighborhoods, streets, parks, schools • Hand out water, toiletries, snacks, hand sanitizer to homeless people • Food collection in partnership with local grocery stores / food pantry locations

Acts of Encouragement:

Write letters to prisoners at our God Behind Bars campuses • Take senior citizens in assisted living homes fresh flowers or have window signs for prayer • Host a prayer walk around schools, hospitals, emergency responder stations, or through your neighborhood

Acts of Kindness:

Take a collection of cleaning supplies or diapers/wipes and gloves • Bring snacks or water to construction workers, hospitals, and First Responders • Take donuts or snacks to ERs, ICUs, or any nurses’ station • Have a free car wash or free garage sale in a neighborhood • Help a neighbor • Pay for people’s meals in a drive-through

Let’s serve together and spread this REAL LOVE movement across our neighborhoods, communities, the state of Tennessee, and beyond!

Looking for Something Else?

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