Encouraging Your Kids Spiritually

This week I have really been thinking about how important it is for us as parents to encourage our students spiritually.  To encourage our students spiritually means that we are challenging them to pursue and run after Christ with all that they have.  I believe that there are two realities that call us as parents to encourage our students spiritually.


Reality # 1:  Scripture demands us to. 

Deuteronomy 6:6 is clear in its command to parents to teach the word to their kids.  As parents we are called to embrace scripture and challenge and encourage our kids to pursue God.  We can’t sit back and wait on others to do this for us, it is our responsibility to take the reins and take charge in encouraging our kids in following Christ.


Reality # 2:  Our Kids want us to. 

Most parents don’t think that their kids want to talk with them about spiritual things.  The exact opposite is true.  Our kids crave for us to engage with them spiritually.  I have met twice this week with students who wish more than anything that their parents would encourage them spiritually, and engage in spiritual conversations that would challenge them to grow in their walk.  It saddened me that I had to advice these two students to set the example for their parents for what it means to follow Christ.  Our kids don’t want us to avoid spiritual conversations, they actually crave us engaging spiritually and encouraging them.


Parents we hold the keys to this generation.  We are the ones who have the power and potential to encourage them to pursue God with reckless abandonment.    It’s up to us to realize these two realities and start encouraging our kids spiritually.