Easter – Discussion Questions




Just as in the film Rick risked his life to save his friend Bill, Jesus sacrificed his life so we can have the free gift of eternal life.

Can you recall a time when you witnessed someone sacrificing something (time, money, or possessions) for a friend?


This week the discussion is based on the Faith Promise Easter film production After the Fall. You can view the film on YouTube here. For a summary of the film, see below. 

In the movie After the Fall, three friends (Rick, Bob, and Bill) have gone bow hunting on New Year’s Eve. In the mountains it is very cold with deep snow on the ground. There is another storm coming with low temperatures, brisk wind, and more snow. Rick and Bob decide to return to the cabin while Bill stays out a little longer. After a while, Rick and Bob try to contact Bill with the walkie-talkie. They cannot reach Bill. Rescue workers will not be available until the next morning due to the coming darkness and the storm. Bob thinks it is too dangerous to go back out. Rick is sure Bill will not survive the night, so Rick goes out alone to find Bill. Bob has to call their wives who were expecting phone calls. When they learn that the guys think Rick is on the wrong mountain, their group comes together to pray. Then Rick finds the arrow Bill had dropped, so Rick knows he is going in the right direction. Bob has Rick on the walkie-talkie as well as the group and wives on the phone. Then Rick slowly, carefully slides down to Bill and huddle for warmth until rescue arrives. The group and Bob erupt in shouts of joy.


Read John 15:13.

1. How does the movie exemplify this verse? Would you have been more like Rick or Bob?

Read Proverbs 17:17.

2. Aside from the three main characters, how did the movie demonstrate this verse?

3. Does the movie depict an immediate, direct answer to prayer? Discuss times when you have received answer to prayer.

4. Why do you think the movie ended soon after Rick found Bill instead of including the rescue?

Read Hebrews 9:27-28.

5. Rick was willing to sacrifice himself for his friend. How many times did Jesus have to sacrifice his life for all people?

Read Matthew 1:21.

6. Why did God send Jesus?

Read Ephesians 2:8-9.

7. Do our good works earn our way to heaven?

Many new believers were baptized this weekend, praise God!
Read Romans 6:3-5 and Matthew 3:13-17.

8. Discuss the meaning and the symbolism of baptism.

1. Rick goes after Bill.
2. The group prays and wives encourage one another.
3. Just after the group and wives pray, Rick finds the arrow. Use this time of sharing answers to prayer to build your faith. Seeing how God has moved in your group members’ lives should encourage and build you up!
6. Christ was sent that we might have forgiveness of our sins and that we might have eternal life with God.
8. Immersion baptism is symbolically showing the world that we are being “buried,” then “raised” as he was, in order to walk a new life. We look to Jesus’ life and teachings to learn how to live.