Easter Countdown – Discussion Questions



Who are you inviting to Easter at Faith Promise?


Share a time when you worked really hard for something.


Easter services begin in 10 days at Faith Promise! We have 34 services being offered at our campuses and there are service times Wednesday March 23 through Sunday March 27. For a complete list of service times as well as a trailer for our Easter movie, visit faithpromise.org/easter. This week Pastor Chris motivated us to share the gospel, the good news, by inviting our friends and family to Easter at Faith Promise.


1. Regarding the icebreaker question, what motivated you to work so hard?

2. Do you feel motivated to spread the gospel? If so, why? If not, why not?

Read Matthew 25:41.

3. Where did you first learn about Hell? At church? At home? From a movie or song?

4. Does the idea of Hell motivate you to share the gospel? Why or why not?

Read Luke 13:25-28.

5. Is it possible to be acquainted with Jesus and miss salvation? How should this affect our mission?

Read 2 Corinthians 5:17-21.

6. Look up the definition of reconcile. Discuss how Christ makes it possible for us to reconcile with God.

7. What is a minister of reconciliation? How do we become one?

8. Who are you bringing to Easter at Faith Promise? How can this group pray for those you are inviting? Take some time as a group to pray for those who will come to our Easter services.

Pray for the different types of soil from the parable of the sower in Matthew chapter 13:

The soil beside the road: pray for understanding that they would hear and understand before Satan snatches God’s word from their hearts.

The rocky soil: pray that the rocks would be removed that that those who hear the Word would be able to put down roots and grow in their faith.

The soil with thorns: pray that the thorns would be removed and that people would not be distracted by the world from growing in faith.

The good soil: pray that people would hear the Word, grow in faith, and continue to sow seed so that others can grow in faith.


5. See James 1:22. Christ followers must be doers of the word and not just hearers. Our mission should be to share our testimony with all, even if they are already acquainted with Jesus.

7. Just as Christ reconciled us to God through His sacrifice, we should sacrifice our time, money, and effort to help reconcile others to God.