Don’t Miss This New Series on Relationships!


Hello Faith Promise,

All I can say is WOW! What an amazing weekend we just experienced with our Sunday Showdown! Attendance records were broken with almost 8,200 souls worshiping with us at all of our campuses. And here’s an exciting fun fact for all you Twitter followers – #fpShodown was the top trend in Knoxville on Sunday morning! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to everyone who made this super creative weekend a reality. Once again it shows that you CAN have fun in church and learn from God’s Word at the same time! We give God all the Glory for what HE did!

Let’s keep the momentum going on February 11-12 as we begin our new series about relationships called, A Tale As Old As Time. Not only are relationships part of our everyday lives, they are also the key to life. Remember, the first thing Jesus did was to pick His Disciples. We need relationships and their beauty to brighten our lives. But sometimes relationships do not remain happily ever after and can become real beasts. God made us to complete each other, not compete with each other! Over the next three weekends we invite you and your family to be our guests for a series that will enlighten, encourage, and embolden us all to live in and enjoy the beauty, while learning how to battle the beasts, of relationships.

We conclude this series on Fusion weekend, February 25-26, with Baptism Day. Please begin now to pray about whom God would have you invite and bring that could experience life change for all eternity!  I can’t wait!

Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!


Pastor Chris