Don’t Fight Alone

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of speaking at the weekend services at Faith Promise Church. The focus of the message was that every family can experience positive family momentum by living out three declarations:

1.       I will fight for my family.

2.       I will live with an attitude that God can.

3.       I will start today.

I would like to share an additional thought about declaration #1. You don’t have to fight alone.

So often, particularly when the “fight” is ongoing and especially difficult, we fail to recognize we aren’t don’t have to fight by ourselves.

Naturally, as Christ followers, God’s Holy Spirit is always with us. In addition, my wife Emily and I have experienced the wonderful presence and support of others such as:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Small group
  • The larger church family

Don’t fight by yourself. Allow others to walk with you. Seek out other believers who have fought the same fight. Get their wise counsel. Enlist an army of prayer warriors. Experience the wonder of community from being an active part of a small group.

In a military battle we hear the term “overwhelming force” used to describe when one side has a much greater army than the other. We can experience overwhelming force in the fight for our family.

You don’t have to fight alone.