Disobedience Leads to Disappointment


After nearly 3 decades on this earth, there are several nuggets of truth that I have acquired that I wish I had understood in my early years. Things like, “who you’re with becomes who you are” and “don’t eat meat on a stick in 3rd world countries”.


Recently I put into words a sentiment that I’ve wrestled with over 4 years of being a parent. “Disobedience leads to disappointment.” When we choose to disobey (God, parents, authority) we assume we are making a choice that will result in our happiness or betterment. But the truth is, disobedience is sin, and sin NEVER delivers on its promises!  Following its path will always lead us to disappointment.


How about you? Have you seen this truth rear it’s head in your life? Your kids or family? How do you remind yourself of the disappointment disobedience brings so that you can avoid it?