Discussion Questions: You Won’t If You Don’t – Week Two


To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – You Won’t If You Don’t – Migration Of Hope

1.  Pastor talked about the heart and the attitude of the heart and how important it is.

  • Where is your heart right now?
  • What do you value the most?
  • Where do you find yourself spending your time?
  • What do you find competing for your heart? For your time?

2.  Pastor talked about our appetite for stuff, about our houses, cars, closets full of cloths, and the fact that our garbage disposals eat better than people in other countries. He was talking about greed. In Matthew 6:21 Jesus is quoted as saying that “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”.

  • If you are honest, what are you hungry for? In other words, what are you greedy for?
  • Why is it that no matter what we have we always want more?
  • What do you treasure?

3. As we enter into the new year we have opportunities to plant seeds that will produce a harvest we want to reap – we have an opportunity to start into the one year Bible reading plan, we can start a regular prayer time, we can start journaling, we can create a personal growth plan, we can start serving in a ministry, we can start to give or to tithe, we can join the FP Core…

  • What are some things you will start or that you will change in order to make sure you are planting the right seeds and to ensure your hope is migrating from this world and its distractions to the hope of Christ?

Scripture verses:

Hosea 12:12

Matthew 13:22

Matthew 6:24

1 Timothy 6:6-12

1 Timothy 6:17-19

1 Timothy 6:17

 Proverbs 18:11

Matthew 6:21

Proverbs 30:8

Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2014:

Genesis 26:12