Discussion Questions: Week 2

To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection. Audio and video of the topic may be found here.

1. How are you doing during the 21 days leading up to the Heart for the Harvest weekend?

2. What obstacles or stumbling blocks are you experiencing during these 21 days?

3. What miracles have you experienced in the past when you did not stop praying?

4. Pastor Chris shared of being awestruck by the mountains we face. What “mountains” are you praying about?

5. Blind Bartimaeus encountered Jesus. In this encounter, Jesus asked him, “what do you want me to do for you?” What do you want Jesus to do for you?

Special Note: Pastor Chris is asking for 100% participation in the Heart for the Harvest
on November 17th & 18th.  To prepare, he has asked us to participate in a 21-day fast leading up to that weekend. How will you participate? How is God speaking to you about giving that weekend? How are you seeking His guidance?

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