Discussion Questions – Roots Week 10

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Rooted in Serving – What’s in Your Bag?


Main Point:

When we are rooted in serving, God entrusts us to carry more in our spiritual mail bag.


Ice Breaker:    

If you were the star of a movie, who would be your supporting cast and why?



Authors of all forms of media are very intentional about the way their stories are written. They carefully choose the words they use to paint a picture of the people, places, and themes in their stories. So too did the authors of the bible, or more directly, God. The authors of the Bible were divinely inspired and guided by God. All the places, people, and things that were written in the bible were ultimately God’s choice to be publicized. So why did God choose to have a man named Tychicus written into the Bible five times? What does it take to be written into the greatest story ever told?


Encountering God Through Bible Study:

Read Colossians 4:7

1)     Not much is known about Tychicus, but according to this verse, what traits did he possess that made him stand out enough to be written in God’s story?

2)     Due to being a beloved brother/faithful servant, God trusted Tychicus and filled his bag with the letters to Colossians and Ephesians. What has God entrusted you to carry?


Read 1 Samuel 12:24

3)     With the talents God gave you and the gifts he placed in your bag, where can you do the most good? What great things could God use you for if you served faithfully?


Read 1 Peter 4:10

4)     Each of us is a different part in the body of Christ (the Church). We should not be jealous of each other’s gifts and should find where we are able to do the most good. What things in your life have you been the most successful? What would it look like if you did something similar in a church setting?


Read Romans 12:2, 9-13

5)     Sometimes we say yes to help others but then do it with a bad attitude. What keeps us from serving with a joyful heart?

6)     Life can get busy, school, family, work, and often the first thing that gets neglected is church and time with God. What would it look like if we made serving a priority and served no matter what?

7)     When Tychicus walked in Paul’s blessing it gave him authority by association. When has someone’s association to you either helped or hurt your reputation?

8)     When have you ever promised to do something and didn’t follow through with it? What did it do to the trust between you and the other person? Do you think God feels the same when we don’t use the gifts he gave us?


Leaders notes:

Use this as an opportunity to get your group serving together at church. Contact first impressions or the coffee spot for an easy serving opportunity you all can share together and give back to your church.