Discussion Questions: Light It Up – Week Two


To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – He Is Calling You To Fire .

1.  Last week pastor shared that our heart is like a hearth and that while God controls the thermostat we control the wood added to fire. This week pastor compared the fuel that we add to gas and driving a car or flying a plane. He shared that if we run out of gas when we are flying we will crash. He compared crashing to our “failures”.

  • Have you “crashed” or failed at something before? Share about that time in your life.
  • Pastor shared that failure ties to events but not to people, meaning that a situation or an event might fail, but we ourselves are not failures. What is the difference? Do you struggle to remember the difference when things do not go well?

2.  In Exodus chapter 3 God starts to “light up” a leader in Moses.

  • God calls Moses, and He grabs Moses’ attention through the burning bush. In what ways has God worked previously in your life to grab your attention?
  • As Moses approaches God in these scriptures God instructs Moses to remove something, something that was between God and Moses, his sandals. Is there something between you and God, something separating you from God?
  • Are there common things or common types of things for all of us that we might find separating us from God?
  • How do we remove those things so that they no longer separate us from God?
  • We know that when God finds Moses he has been in hiding for 40 years.  Are there things or people that you avoid or hide from?
  • God acknowledges that He sees the struggles the Israelites have been dealing with. He sees our struggles  as well. In response to the Israelites struggles He goes on in this chapter to share His plan for removing the Israelites from Egypt. What was Moses’ reply when God shared His plan to save the Israelites?
  • Has God called or prompted you previously to serve or to lead in some capacity and you responded as Moses did – who me, why me? Did you eventually follow God in that prompting? Did you offer excuses or explanations that justified your not responding to God’s prompting? Whether you did follow that prompt or not talk about what happened moving forward and what happened both with you and with the area that you feel you were prompted in.

3.  God called Moses closer to Him, closer to the bush. Is He calling you closer right now, do you hear His calling or prompting in your life? Where might that be – in serving, in leading your family, in witnessing to someone specific, in tithing, in more intentional quiet time or time in His Word?

3.  We have to continue to put fuel in the tank, to throw more wood on the fire. In what ways are you doing that? Are there any ways that you are not currently stoking the fire that you need to?


Scripture verses:

Revelation 3:15-16

Proverbs 26:20

Exodus 3:1-11

Hebrews 12:28-29


Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2013:

 Psalm 65:11