Discussion Questions: Glorious Ruins – Week Two

Glorious Ruins-Square

To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – Glorious Ruins – The Power of a Question

1.  The world takes what is glorious and ruins it. God, in turn, takes what is ruined and makes it glorious.

–  Share with your group about an example of this that you have witnessed.

2.  Pastor Chris shared the thought that nothing gives an ROI (return on investment) like investing in people. When we invest in a person lives are changed. He related this thought to the person that invested enough in you to invite you to church the first time.

–  Discuss who invited you to church the first time. If you grew up in church, and going to church on Sunday was simply a part of life, discuss when you first realized that going to church on Sunday was not automatic for everyone and what your thoughts were.

–  Consider writing a thank you note, texting, emailing, calling, or Facebooking that person that initially invited you to church to say thank you to them for investing in you.

3.  As we read through our verses today in John chapter 1 we see the power of a question. Jesus simply asked Johns disciples what they wanted. He did not make promises or beat them with a spiritual two-by-four, He simply asked a question – “what do you seek?”. When they asked Him a question about where He was going He responded with the simple invitation “come and see”.

–  What can we learn about evangelizing to people or inviting people to church from what we read in our verses today?

4.  As we read through our verses in John what do we observe is the first thing that Andrew and Philip did after they met Christ?

– Are you still so excited about, and in awe of, your relationship with Christ and meeting Him that you invite your friends and relatives to “come and see”?

–  For many of us this might be the first time we have thought about inviting someone to church with us. If there are hesitations or fears how do we overcome those?

5.  In verse 48 we see that Jesus saw Nathanael where he was, under the fig tree. Pastor shared that Christ was there, on the scene with Nathanael, before Philip shared the news of Jesus of Nazareth.

–  How should that understanding or revelation impact our invitations or witnessing to others and why?

6.  We heard three thoughts involving the power of a question. Discuss each of these thoughts:

–  A question can lead to a life’s calling.

–  A question can lead people past the present to their potential.

– Jesus sees the person and the possibilities.

Scripture verses:

John 1:35-37

John 1:38

John 1:39

John 1:40-42

John 1:43-45

John 1:46-51

Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2014:

Genesis 26:12