Discussion Questions: Come Let Us Adore Him – Week Two


To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – O Come Let Us Adore Him – Worthy To Be Adored

1.  Worship, which God created to honor Him and Glorify Him has turned into something that can dishonor Him as people complain about different types of worship, refuse to worship in church services, or discontinue attending church because of worship.

  • What was the first type of worship you were exposed to?
  • Do you find it easy to worship God no matter what type of worship music or no matter what type of worship is provided? Why or why not?

2.  Pastor Chris shared that at the heart of our celebration is a revelation, the revelation of God. He shared that some of us do not truly worship because God has not revealed Himself to us. Without revelation there is no adoration.

  • What are the signs of someone who truly worships God?
  • What are the signs of someone in worship who God possibly has not revealed Himself to yet?
  • At what point did you enter into true worship of Him?

3.  Throughout scripture we see evidence of those who worshipped God such as angels and the magi. They worshipped because God had revealed Himself to them. We witness during weekend services people who profess Christ as their savior and yet seem reserved and hesitant in worship.

  • Why do you think that is the case?
  • What do you find hinders you from worshipping God freely? In what ways can the world distract us? In what ways can we become callous or casual in our worshipping God?
  • What allows you to worship freely?

4.  As we continue to move closer to our production weekend and Christmas who will you invite to join you at FP, who would you like to see worshipping God?


Scripture verses:

Isaiah 6:1-5

Luke 2:14-15

Matthew 2:1-2

Matthew 2:11

Romans 5:8


Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2013:

 Psalm 65:11