Discussion Questions – Come Let Us Adore Him – Week Three


To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – O Come Let Us Adore Him – Angels Anonymous

1.  In the production Joseph is told by his fiancé that she is pregnant, but still a virgin.

  • Put yourself in Josephs position, what do you see as Josephs choices in how he responds?
  • What are the advantages and the disadvantages to responding either way?

2.  Pastor shared that in this case Josephs dreams are gone.

  • Have you ever had a point in your life when your dreams are gone and your world collapses?
  • Similar to Joseph you probably had choices in how you responded. How did you respond?

3.  At the birth of Jesus Joseph would have seen in one instance that God had bigger plans that Joseph could not have imagined.

  • At some point after your dreams were dashed and your world collapsed were you able to see God working and providing in ways that you would not have anticipated?

4.  Joseph goes on to provide for Jesus and Mary as father and husband, and to be a part of living out Gods plan.

  • Are you living out an altered or entirely different plan or dreams for your life?
  • How has God provided for you during this time?
  • How has God grown you during this time?

5.  Joseph had a revelation that led him to carry out Gods plan for his life.

  • Have you had a revelation from God that you have lived out or perhaps are still working out?

Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2013:

 Psalm 65:11