Discussion Questions: 28 Days Of Life – Week One

28 Days to Life

To further the conversation started by the weekend message, use these discussion questions in a group study or for personal reflection.

Our message this week – 28 Days Of Life – Life That Is Real Life


  • Pastor Josh shared 4 principles that should guide our lives to compassion:

1.  We are instructed to “do good”. That is not to be understood exactly as it is read. It actually means to do what is inherently good, intrinsically good, or qualitatively good. To put it simply it means to “be good” or to be a “good bringer”. It means to bring good into the lives of others.

–  Do you remember a time when someone brought good into your life during a difficult situation or period of time?

–  How did that person and their time with you bless you at that point in time?

2.  We are to be rich in good works. While we often times do not see ourselves as the answer to someone else’s problems God places in our path an opportunity for us to be His love and His grace. Instead of asking if there are opportunities for good works we simply need to look to see where those opportunities in our lives are.

–   Think for a moment – what opportunities already exist in your life through your neighbors, class mates, co-workers, friends, or family to by a “good bringer” and to be “rich in good works”? Discuss one of these with your group.

–  In what ways could you step into that opportunity to be a blessing to others? Discuss with your group how you can be God’s provision in that area.

3.  Be generous. Often times when we are considering doing something we ask ourselves a question that might sound like this “what is the minimal amount of _______(time, money, inconvenience, work, etc) that I might need to commit to ________(serve, help someone, volunteer, talk with someone, etc). This speaks to our attitude and our heart condition in  relation to what God has done for us.

–  If you are honest is there an opportunity that you have seen, but not stepped into because it requires a level of generosity beyond what you are willing to commit to at this point in time? This is a tough question for us to ask ourselves. Discuss with your group what the opportunity is that comes to mind, what might have caused you to hesitate or to not engage in being generous with your time, talent, etc.  Is this something that maybe you should reconsider?

4.  Be ready to share. Pastor Josh talked about the term koininia which is a biblical term referring to fellowship. Josh shared that often times we find ourselves in a place to help someone and if we are honest the type of help that they might need does not always translate to the way we would prefer to help them. Sometimes we would like to help financially but what someone might really need is our time to simply walk with them during this period in their life.

–  Josh referred to Matthew chapter 10 where Christ is quoted as saying  “he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.” The abundant life is found in giving away our life to others. Think of an example of someone you know or have read about that gives their life away to others and share about that person with the group.


  • Pastor Josh shared that if we lack contentment that usually means we have taken our eyes off of others and placed them on ourselves.

–  The problem with that is that we think if we focus on ourselves and live life for ourselves that we will be fulfilled, but Jesus told us to give our lives away is where or when we will find life. Are you content in life right now?


  • Are you wearing your 28 Days Of Life wristband? Has it helped to make you more aware of others and less aware of your own needs? Has it helped remind you to look for those opportunities to be a “good bringer”?


Scripture verses:

1 Timothy 6:18-19

Luke 3:7-14

Faith Promises’ scripture verse for 2014:

Genesis 26:12