Father’s Day – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea:  God is our Heavenly Father, and earthly fathers are critical. Introduction:  This week Pastor Chris preached about fatherhood and 5 building blocks that fathers and spiritual fathers can use to build up the children in their home or their spiritual children. Discussion Starter: What is your favorite memory you have of your father […]

Family Games Week 5 – Discussion Questions

Connect Main Idea: Bringing the Kingdom of God into our lives and homes. Introduction: This week, Pastor Kyle continued our Family Games series by giving us 5 moves we can make to allow God to reign (rule) in our lives and homes. Discussion Starter: In what areas do you feel like God reigns in your […]

Family Games Week 4 – Which Kingdom Matters More?

Connect Main Idea: Games end quick, and our lives speed past us just as fast. It’s vital for believers to focus on where we’ve stored our treasures so that we can be as efficient Christ followers as possible Introduction: Take a moment and think of all the blessings God has granted us and what great gifts our […]

Family Games Week 2 – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea:  God’s will is for your home to be a place where His Kingdom comes. Introduction:  This week Pastor Chris continued our Family Games series teaching about how our homes are to be a place where His Kingdom comes! Discussion Starter:  We all come from somewhere. Did you grow up in a believing household? […]

Family Games Week 1 – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea: God is generous, and so are we! Introduction:  This week Pastor Zac started a new series on the family by asking what Kingdom is being built in our homes. Are we building the Kingdom of God? Or something else? How we spend our money says a lot about our priorities and values. […]

Mother’s Day – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea:  We are called to faith in Christ, loved and dear to God’s heart, and kept (watched or guarded) for Christ. Introduction:  This week for Mother’s Day, Pastor Michele preached on the first few verses of Jude. This letter is addressed to those who are “called, loved by God the Father, and kept […]

Catalyst Week 2 – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea: Baptism by the fire of the Holy Spirit ignites Christ-followers. Introduction:  John the Baptist explained that he was baptized with water for repentance but one would come who was greater than he who baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire. Discussion Starter: Have you ever known someone who has been baptized by […]

Catalyst Week 1 – Discussion Guide

Connect  Main Idea: The Holy Spirit is a catalyst for change in our lives and in the world. Introduction: Jesus directs us to live lives filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. The evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives is the spreading and the revealing of God’s Kingdom in the world around […]

Easter – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea:   The Easter story is the best story ever, filled with The Good News of redemption, forgiveness, and love. But Easter didn’t solve our problems, it solved God’s problem. Introduction:  Religion seems restrictive; church can seem impersonal. You may not know how your story fits into His story, but what if your […]

House to House Week 3 – Discussion Guide

Connect Main Idea:   What would Jesus say to you if He had a dinner conversation with you? Introduction:   We have a “house to house” hope that we will go from God’s house to the houses of people with whom God is calling us to share the Gospel. Discussion Starter: Who is someone you would […]