Decisions, decisions

(This post was written by Holly Wallace)

In Proverbs 6 God chooses the analogy of a lamp and its light to picture how a father and mother are to function as a team in parenting. Throughout the chapter God explains the impact parents can have on their children through instruction and discipline. As outlined in verse 23, in regards to the familial expectations, the father is to explain, the mother is to enforce and the children are to obey. As such, a successful parenting structure requires two partners that respect each other and work together to help mold the rearing of the children.

Sometimes, as parents, we agree on decisions regarding our children and other times we do not. However, whether or not we agree on the final arrangement is irrelevant, it is more important that our children see a united front as apposed to dissension.  When children receive the same message from both parents they observe a united parental front as well as a healthy family support system.

In an effort to achieve this parental unit Michael and I try to implement several steps in our decision making process:
– Respect each other’s parenting ideas
– Avoid arguing about discipline in front of the children
– Enforce decisions agreed upon by both parents
– Be consistent

Every day, as parents, we are faced with making decisions for our children.  As such, raising children as a team is crucial when it comes to being an effective parent; from minor decisions such as snacks or nap time, to difficult ones such as schools to attend or disciplinary actions.  Regardless of the resolution reached, it is crucial that parents agree and execute as one unit. This will not only provide children with a supportive family construct but will also serve to exemplify a solid foundation for them to build upon.

What steps have you taken to help your children in the decision making process?