Dead Ends – St. Kitts Day 4

Today was one of our most favorite days yet as a team. This morning Will had the amazing honor of playing worship on the radio while the rest of the team had the privilege of walking the streets in the local community inviting individuals to come to Celebrate Recovery. Before we started our walk, we gave our day to the Lord in prayer. Along the way, we asked for God’s guidance and asked that He would direct our path.

There are many cool stories that came as a result of our walk but below are a few highlights:

  • At one point in our journey after praying for God’s guidance we were led down a dead end street. While this might sound like a negative, God turned it into a positive and we met two men who made our day. The first man we met was not able to speak English very well but asked for extra fliers and left the job that he was doing to excitedly and hurriedly rush off to share with his friends. The second man was a bit skeptical but he asked the most honest questions and it was refreshing to get to hear his opinions. He suggested that we advertise on the radio and Wes proudly proclaimed with a grin…”We just did that yesterday and Will is on right now worshiping!”
  • We stumbled across a shed with the words Small Group spray painted on it. Since Wes is the Groups and Missions Pastor at North Knox we had to stop and take his picture. We like to look at this as a sign of affirmation.

After walking the streets and inviting people to come to Celebrate Recovery we met up with some Faith Promise friends, Gina and Penny, here on the island for vacation for lunch and then headed to the market’s square for worship and more time for invitation. While there a reporter showed up and interviewed Aaron on the spot. The interview aired tonight and will air again tomorrow morning. The interview will be heard not just here in St. Kitts but in other countries in Europe as well!

This evening we went to Celebrate Recovery. Gina and Penny provided a meal which was a huge blessing and the taste was AMAZING! Will led worship and you could feel the Lord’s presence in the room. After worship, Amanda and I were blessed with the opportunity to read the 8 beatitudes. Then each individual on our team got to share their testimony and did some question and answers panel style. It was so nice to get to share and to see how receptive people were. They asked some great questions and many shared that different parts of the team’s testimonies resonated with their own stories.

Please pray for our day tomorrow as we head to the prisons to do ministry.