Day in the Life

Yesterday morning we did our “day in the life” activity. For my group, we visited the home of one of the leadership council members, Chery Yolande.

While there, we did chores around the house, including doing the laundry by hand. We also got to eat some of the sweet potatoes that we had picked the day before.

Then we sat on the porch talking to her son, who spoke excellent English. He had completed University to be an agricultural engineer, and had spent time in Minnesota for training. He talked to us about that, and how he and his friends had set up an organization to take advantage of that time in America. Whenever one or more of them is in the states, they send back money that is used to send kids in Haiti to school.

We asked about the house across the street, so they went over and asked the owners if we could look around. They gave us a tour, and then gave us all a piece of cake.

In the afternoon, we went to a new locality that we had never visited before, Ka Rekillem.

After we sang some songs with them, we told the story of the Good Samaritan, and several of the team members acted out the story.

Then we went to a nearby field and played games with the parachutes we had brought.

After we finished playing with the children, we visited several houses and prayed with the people who loved there. Many had the same request, that we pray that their family stay close to God.

– Dave Breaux, Mission Trip Leader