Dangerous Prayer

What do you pray for your kids?

If you were to listen into my prayers for my kids, you would find they center primarily on their emotional and physical safety, their ability to make friends and be successful in school.  Simple prayers I imagine many parents have in common.

Occasionally God shakes me out of this pattern and challenges me to consider the outcome of these prayers.  He’s asking me, “Is this really all you want Me to do through your child?  To make sure they’re popular, well-rounded and well-educated?”

That’s a sobering question.

In truth, I want more for my kids.  I want them to have the boldness of David willing to face a lion attacking his sheep or a giant opposing his God.  I want them to have the willingness of Samuel to listen and respond to the voice of God.  I want them to have the audacity of Peter who stood before a crowd of people saying, “No!  We’re not drunk.  We’re filled with the spirit of God.  And you can be too!”  I want my kids to have deep insight into the things of God, great confidence in the calling He places on their life and I want them to know the wealth that His people will inherit.  I want my kids to be deeply invested in God’s Kingdom and not one they attempt to build here on earth.

So, today my prayer is different. 


Today would you grant my kids the grace to know You.  Would you give them a spirit of wisdom and revelation as they come to know You better.  Your word says they will gain deeper insight and know the confidence that You call them to and the glorious wealth that God’s people inherit.  And they will know the unlimited greatness of Your power as it works with might and strength for them.  Amen

Taking Ephesians 1: 17-19, I can turn God’s word into a powerful prayer for my kids.  Just as the persistent widow in Luke 18 gained justice, we have an ear with God when we persist with His very word.  The Bible is the written promise of God and there are no more powerful prayers than prayers comprised of His Word. 

Parents, take hold of scripture and use it as a tool to pray for your kids.  Hebrews 4:12 says His word is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword that cuts as deep as the place where soul and spirit meet.  It judges a person’s thoughts and intentions.   Can you imagine anything greater set to work on the hearts of our kids than God’s Word?  I can’t either. 

Would you like more help with this?  Check out some resources you can use to put this in action today.

Power of a Praying Parent book – a great book filled with scripture-based prayers for your kids. 

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