Daddy & Daughter Date

Recently, I had the privilege of taking my 14-year old daughter, Maggie, out on a date. We had been planning and anticipating this special time together for over a month. We both dressed up and Maggie wore a beautiful dress and fixed her hair special. She called it her “prom date” (too bad I won’t always be able to be her prom date). We had dinner at a nice restaurant and had the sweetest time just talking. We talked about her dreams and her future. I took the opportunity to speak life into Maggie and who God has created her to be as well as talk about what I believe God has for her. Maggie and I took pictures to remind us of this special evening.

Dads, if you have a teenage daughter or younger, plan a special night for the two of you. We have an incredible opportunity to show our daughters how they can expect to be treated on a date. More importantly, the affirmation and attention we provide our daughters will likely have a profound impact on how they see themselves.