Daddies And Their Princesses: Respect And Honor Her Mom

(This post was written by Matt Grimes, Middle School Ministry Pastor)

So we are off and running in our quest to discover the key ingredients needed in the relationship between daddies and their little princesses.  Last week we discovered the first key ingredient, and that was to be involved in her life.  As dad’s we not only paint the picture of what a “real man” looks like, as we discussed last week, but we also reveal to her how a husband should treat his wife.  Whether or not we want to, through the way we treat our wives, we teach our little girls the way a husband should treat his wife.  I don’t know about you, but that scares me because I am not always the greatest husband in the world.  The cool part is that God gives us grace for our mistakes.

Because our little girls learn what to look for in a husband through how we treat their moms, we must be committed to our relationship with our wife over our kids.  They need to know that we love, honor, and respect our wives.  That’s the key second ingredient:  respecting and honoring her mom.  They need to see that women should be cherished and given a place of honor.  We need to paint the picture of what their future husband should look like by the way we love and honor their mom.  It is so easy with the chaos of raising kids to neglect our relationship with our wives, but let’s not let our little girls down by doing that.  Let’s teach them the way that real men treat their wives, by loving, honoring, and respecting our wives.  Let’s set the standard for them that no guy is worth their time until he lives up to the standard that their daddy set for them in his relationship with their mom. 

I want to challenge you to think of some ways that you can show respect and honor to you wife this week.