Creating Rhythms


As a new dad I am constantly watching the things that intrigue my daughter. From certain gestures that make her laugh to tones of voice that turn her head there are just some things that connect with her. One thing that we have noticed that quickly gets her attention is the tv. It does not matter what it is she is obsessed with it. She will watch Elmo to the cooking channel. The vibrant colors and motion are appealing to her.


Knowing that she loves tv and also wanting to help grow a passion for Jesus in her we started something new this week. We got a DVD called praise baby. It takes worship song and puts images to them that connect with infants creating worship videos. Each morning the first thing we do after she eats is we prop her up and let her watch praise baby and she loves it. It’s funny to see how into it she gets. We call it Elins quiet time. I know it sounds silly and she doesn’t get it yet but it’s helping to create time each day for her to focus on Jesus. As a three month old we are trying to create a rhythm in her life that includes Jesus.


So what are you doing to help create rhythms for your kids. A great place to start is by taking note of what has their attention. Then figure out how that can be a launching pad into focusing in on Jesus.