Cool Stuff at fpStudents High School

Hello Faith Promise!

I want to let you know about a few really awesome things that are happening with fpStudents High School at the Pellissippi campus.  In 2013 we’ve already seen 14 high school students baptized, and last week we had our largest Fusion Weekend ever, hosted at the Blount campus. It’s so cool to see how God is continuing to move in the lives of students, and the passion with which they follow after Him.  Here’s a couple of exciting things coming up that YOU can be involved in and praying for:

  1. High School Parent Connection Group: This Wednesday, Feb 20 at 6:30pm we’ll have our next session that will include a tech tutorial so you can be up to date with all the apps and gadgets that students are using these days.  We’ll also cover safety and security for your student’s internet and phone use. Trust me, you can’t afford to miss it!
  2. The BIG Show: On Wednesday, Feb 27 we’ll have our first ever BIG Talent Show for High School students! Bring out your juggling fire act, taekwondo mat or great singing talent and show it off for hundreds of new fans! All auditions will be done live on Feb 20 or sent in on video to [email protected].
  3. Keep Praying! We have new students visiting fpStudents each week who need to know Christ, and hundreds of students who face temptation and persecution because of their face every week! Please pray for these students to grow in passion, knowledge and leadership in their schools, families and communities.

God Bless!

Michael Wallace

HS Pastor