Co:Mission Series Begins This Weekend!


Hello FPC Family,

As we move into fall, I want to stop and give thanks to our Sovereign God for giving Faith Promise the best summer in our church history. From Memorial Day through Labor Day we baptized 109 souls and our attendance was the highest ever, with a peak of 5,100 during the last weekend in August! What a mighty God we serve! Please keep praying for His continued favor, believing for His miracles, and inviting the lost ones He loves so much as we follow His vision for making it hard to go to hell from East Tennessee.

This coming weekend, September 7-8, is a huge one for us as we launch our two newest campuses in Anderson and Campbell counties. For those of you who signed up to attend one of these locations, this will be the first weekend for you and your family to begin worshiping there. We are so grateful for your commitment to help make these new campuses a success! We will also begin a life-changing three-week series on evangelism called, Co:Mission. As Believers we have been commanded to be God’s “Special Agents” on His mission – to inform the world of Jesus’ saving grace. According to Scripture, we are not to be secret agents like James Bond, but those our Heavenly Father can count on to spread His Good News! Don’t miss a single sermon, and please begin to pray now for the weekend of September 21-22 when we will conclude the series with a special emphasis on baptism. If we only ask Him, He will be faithful to give us the vital “intel” needed to follow through with our assigned mission! How many will you bring with you who could make the most important decision of all?

I have never been more thrilled about all that is happening, and I look forward to having you worship with us at one of our SEVEN campuses this weekend!

Love ya,

Pastor Chris

P.S. The following two weekends at all campuses, anyone not involved in a small group will have the opportunity to sign up before we begin our fall alignment on September 28-29.  Don’t be left out!