Clues for Christmas, Memories for a Lifetime

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

Our family had an interesting Christmas morning this year.  We sent our kids all over the house in search for clues, solving riddles and ultimately finding their stockings stuffed with goodies exactly where they should be… hanging from the fire place. 

Clue Finds are an interesting way to mix up a routine experience.  Our kids are accustomed to waking up Christmas morning to a stocking full of candy and goofy $1 toys.  They’re not accustomed to having to search for it. 

We sat back and listened as they read each clue, worked together to solve it and giggle as they ran to the next clue.  It was amusing. 

Creating memories like this with our kids is something that requires forethought and intentionality.  Not something I do often.  I want Christmas 2010 to set the tone for McClain family nights in 2011.  Creating opportunities for our family to laugh and enjoy each other is a great way to invest in your family.